about the author

Hello there.

I’m Graeme Douglas (doug), comms strategist and digital obessive who’s getting geekier by the day. I currently work at Carat Wieden+Kennedy London as a strategy director, or more descriptively, I do comms planning.

I like interesting people, good books, fun games, films, comics (manga at the moment), teh internetz and, as my fullsome figure will testify, nice food. I love my friends, family and Leeds United.

You can often find me lurking here, here, here, here, or here.

Oh and I like nattering and coffee (day) / beer (night). So feel free to say hello.

You can email me at doug (dot) graeme (at) googlemail (dot) (com) or skype me on doug (underscore) graeme.


2 Responses to “about the author”

  1. Will Says:

    Hello there. Porting the whole blog over eh? Good work chap.

  2. graemedouglas Says:

    yep. sick of blogger, and whilst I wanted to start something new, I didn’t want to lose all of the old rubbish. so here I am.

    thought I’d try and get some momentum in the run-up to the new job, so let’s see how I actually get on…!

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