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are friends electric (shavers)?

February 23, 2009

I suspect as we sail further into the heart of recessionary darkness we’ll see quite a bit of co-brand work from advertisers keen to maintain a market presence whilst pinching pennies. A ad shared is a cost halved. Or something.


So it wasn’t with too much surprise that I saw this unlikely tag-team on the tube this morning. And after I’d looked up what an epilator was it made even more sense. A nice, simple little piece of association, albeit a little feeble in it’s execution, but significantly more thought-through than the usual dross that passes for hair-removal communication (I’m looking at you, barry nine blades). They could do (and maybe they are) a lot more with this partnership. Although I’ve not seen it.

Having said that I’m hardly target market.


Spotted at Bank tube station today.