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it’s only April — but we have a contender…

April 15, 2009

What better way to ease my way back into blogging after a mini-hiatus than with a really lazy post highlighting an *ahem* interesting spot from BBH for broadcasting *ahem* powerhouse ITV (an organisation who we know are awash with funds at the moment).

After getting over the crushing disappointment of realising this wasn’t a spot announcing Kes II (which would, clearly, be awesome) I set about analysing the spot in detail, poring over each frame to ensure I had squeezed every possible brand learning from the two-minute opus.

Or, I retweeted something my mate Simon said: struggling to find words for the TWO MINUTE brand ad BBH have made for ITV

As am I.

Instead, I’ll leave you with a tweet from Katy, who so astutely put it this morning: I’m thinking making decent programming, instead of an ad saying what great programming they have, would be more believable!

Enjoy. Don’t have nightmares.