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dirty cash

March 24, 2009

Spotted on the desk of the boss today. No idea where he got it. But I’ve got a funny feeling its appearance it won’t help us hit our profit targets this year.


I wonder what brands can learn from Robert ‘utter cretin’ Mugabe’s approach to fiscal management and Zimbabwe’s resultant hyper-inflation problems?


When Viral Goes Bad

December 12, 2006
You’d think that Sony would be pretty in-tune with what works and what doesn’t work in the crazy world of ‘yoof’ marketing.

If this recent effort is anything to go by, evidently not.

If you’re going to try and get down with the kids, for the love of God, get it right. This YouTube effort is awful – and the ‘fansite‘ is frankly embarrassing (“jeremey’s bio: rocker. playa. hater” – erm, think they forgot ‘cock’)

Have a look at the comments on YouTube, which range from the moderately negative to the downright vitriolic. This is the flip side of the connected world (going against that often heard client comment: let’s do some viral, it’s free and great and everyone will love us) – get it wrong, and everybody finds out. There’s nowhere to hide – especially when an active prosumer gets their hands on it…