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manhattan’s member masker

February 17, 2009

I’ve been waiting for the Watchmen movie for ages. An amazing book doesn’t always (usually?) equal an amazing film but I’m hoping beyond all hope that this one will change all that. 

The promotion of the flick has been meticulous, with extra content strands spinning off the main promotional thread to create a real sense of depth, texture and intrigue. It’ll make a corking case study (mental note: have a bash at pulling something together). But this… wtf? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: official promotional watchmen condoms. 

The Watchmen are society’s only protection. Apart from these bright blue prophylactics. Sigh. Can you see the creative leap they’ve made there?


Ah well. Yay for Dr Manhattan and his massive blue manhood!




November 19, 2008

After the entire list of BNP members got leaked yesterday (complete with names, addresses, professions and some instances, ages) the internet has been awash with opinion and debate around who dunnit, why, and the ethics of the action. As well as the commentators however, other cunning internet tinkerers have also been at work in quite different ways.

This morning we had the inevitable mashup, plotting locations of members on google maps. This afternoon (and the point of this post really) we’ve got the amazing lolgriffin blog giving just the right amount of credibility to that objectionable little man. Genius.

What next, I wonder?


Nick Griffin = knob. There are few truer equations.

Starbucks in coffee for votes storm!

November 3, 2008

Well, kind of.

Starbucks are offering everyone who goes into one of their stores (in the US, obviously) tomorrow and tells them they’ve voted a free cup of coffee. That’s kinda nice.

Now I’m not a massive fan of Starbucks – the one and only email of complaint I’ve ever sent was to them last week – but this is good. Very good. Free beverages for the nation… a bit Dr Pepperish maybe, but if it works, great.

Now hurry up and reply to my email. This goodwill won’t last forever you know.

[UPDATE: They’re sending me some ‘free beverage’ vouchers. w00t!]

It’s nice to be wanted

March 3, 2008

Isn’t it nice to be a client in demand?

The Sunday Times yesterday reported a small furore around the amount of money that Saatchi and Saatchi were charging the Labour Party to run their ad account. The issue seemed to be that, at £8,000 per month, the retainer was, as one ‘leading advertising executive’ said, “ridiculously low” and therefore should constitute a non-cash donation which should be declared accordingly.

All good stuff if you’re a Labour voter. I was less interested in that however, than the seemingly ill-judged comment made by Eleanor Conroy, a spokesperson for S&S:

“It is heavily discounted because we are so keen to work on it and so passionate about it,” mused Conway. “They pay for the costs. We give them a massive discount”.

“It is not a charity but there’s stuff that you feel passionate enough about to want to work on. You are not going to charge the same as you would charge Toyota.”

Hang on a minute? Is that the same Toyota that spent (according to Nielsen data) north of £38m in 2007? Clearly money doesn’t equate to passion for the chaps down in Charlotte Street – which is refreshing in ad land – although I’m sure CHI are smirking a little and are making every effort to demonstrate how passionate they are about the Toyota UK business…

Probably the Best Ambient Campaign in the World

June 14, 2007

Like Victor who spotted this over on CMM News, I also missed this when it ran originally. What an awesome idea though. One campaign you surely wouldn’t mind being ‘interrupted’ by.

One of those ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ efforts….


December 11, 2006

Max Clifford (PR to the rich and notorious) has published a ‘ten-point guide’ to becoming famous.

He says:

“There’s no set route or set of rules to achieving fame. Nowadays it’s possible for people to become famous literally overnight… Talent doesn’t even really come into being famous any more – it helps, obviously, but most of it is just about being seen and with the right people, and then really knowing how to capitalise on it.”

What a depressing insight into the vacuous nature of what we define as ‘fame’ (and probably, society as a whole).

I could make a tenuous connection here around ‘what brands could learn from this’ but I can’t bring myself to. Instead, gorge yourself on Max’s (pretty obvious) top ten:

1. Appear on a reality series
2. Enter a talent contest
3. Be abysmal on a talent show
4. Gain fame by association
5. Date a celebrity
6. Flaunt your body
7. Date a Royal Family member
8. Make a home sex video
9. Be a success on MySpace
10. Be in the right place at the right time