the beauty of data

Last year, the New York Times opened up its API, allowing the great and the good (those that understand it, at least) to have a play with the vast quantities of data that was freed up. And play they have. I came across the below images from Canadian digital artist Jer Thorp recently that vividly demonstrate that – alongside the insight and implications – data visualisation can simply be a beautiful thing.


above: the top organizations and personalities for every year from 1985 to 2001. Connections between these people & organizations are indicated by lines


above: This is an abstract visualization of the occurrence of the term ‘organic’ in the New York Times between 1981 and 2009.
The roots are formed by the names of organizations that are associated with the individual articles.


above: This is a visualization of the frequency of the words ‘regulation’ and ‘innovation’ in New York Times articles since 1981. This is a timepiece graph and can be read like a clock – 1981 is at 12:01am and January 2009 is at midnight.

Fabulous. More (and full size images to read in detail) can be found here.

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