manhattan’s member masker

I’ve been waiting for the Watchmen movie for ages. An amazing book doesn’t always (usually?) equal an amazing film but I’m hoping beyond all hope that this one will change all that. 

The promotion of the flick has been meticulous, with extra content strands spinning off the main promotional thread to create a real sense of depth, texture and intrigue. It’ll make a corking case study (mental note: have a bash at pulling something together). But this… wtf? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: official promotional watchmen condoms. 

The Watchmen are society’s only protection. Apart from these bright blue prophylactics. Sigh. Can you see the creative leap they’ve made there?


Ah well. Yay for Dr Manhattan and his massive blue manhood!



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3 Responses to “manhattan’s member masker”

  1. simonjoeyrobertson Says:

    Right, I may be going too far with this, but if this is being played as a bit of 70’s cheesy merchandising on the Manhattan phenomenon (which, given a look at the packaging, I suspect it is), there’s actually a subtle brilliance to this.

    I am not unknown for reading too much into things, mind.

  2. doug Says:

    you’re not, that’s true. but this time I’m willing to concede you might be right.

    if it is, that’s borderline awesome. but surely there would be a whole line of said cheesy merchandise? will keep my eyes peeled.

  3. fullbodytransplant Says:

    Here’s a little Watchmen something else. Enjoy:

    It’s almost time…

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