birthdays, pitches and colman

It’s a bit busy at the moment. Douglas Jnr. was one on Saturday (my, how time flies), our Nike 5 campaign commenced on Friday (it’s awesome) and I had to head to Leeds on Sunday night in advance of a pitch presentation yesterday (it seemed to go well).  And in between all of this I’ve had to fit in three listenings of Moz’s latest long-player.

Meanwhile, in the office, amazing things continue to happen daily. Today, industry leading planner and blog lord Paul Colman stuck two fingers up at the recession by enjoying a delicious egg and cress sandwich from Tesco. This is, apparently, how he rolls. 


Doesn’t he look like a chap without a storage-based concern in the world?


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4 Responses to “birthdays, pitches and colman”

  1. Paul H. Colman Says:

    It was horrid.

  2. Ben Says:

    WTF is he wearing?

  3. doug Says:

    Ben@tweetreadings eh? Is that a sign?

  4. Paul H. Colman Says:

    It’s a wig.

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