2009. A year for… profligacy?

I’d love to know the budget on this. The credit crunch clearly hasn’t hit Aviva then…

Happy 2009 by the way!


6 Responses to “2009. A year for… profligacy?”

  1. simonjoeyrobertson Says:

    Great minds, and so on an so forth….

    Or really obvious ones: I mean, what is all that about? Apart from taking the risk of appearing to have the spending habits of a longshoreman on a bank holiday, do you thinkt hey really needed to do this?

  2. Jason Lonsdale Says:

    More to the point, did they really need to change their name? And, assuming that they did, why to something so horrendously generic and obviously naming-agency generated as “Aviva”?

    So… “viva” is life, and the “A—” is supposed to give it momentum… which kinda makes some sense (although maybe it is a negating “a—“? Maybe Aviva means “unalive”?).

    Norwich Union may have seemed a bit down-home and insufficently global for them, but now they’re playing by the same rulebook as every other committee-named corporate entity (Aviance, Agilent, Avilent, Aquent, etc etc).

    Anyone remember Consignia?

  3. lenisebrothers Says:

    This is officially the first ad of the year that has wound me up… and it’s on all the time on every station I watch.

    Their outdoor creative isn’t as bad – simple and straight to the point, an ethos the tv work could have benefitted from!

  4. doug Says:

    robertson – natch. and no, they didn’t

    jason – completely and utterly agree. surely in today’s economic climate a brand that’s old and trusted and institutional is better placed than a relative newbie (don’t mention woolies), especially one that seems so soulless. (Love the aviva etymology BTW!)

    le’nise – i think they’ve bought about a billion ratings. it’s always on! the outdoor stuff is ok although they use some pretty obscure examples in a few that i’ve seen

  5. Charles Frith Says:

    It’s an awful ad. It’s everything that is wrong with too much money not enough smarts.

  6. George Nimeh Says:


    I’m a bit late to the game, here …

    The campaign is by AMV BBDO and cost $13.4 million. It was directed by Vaughan Arnell who has previously directed several Robbie Williams music videos, and the figure obviously does not count any of the 6-month media spend.

    Noticed you’ve embedded “my” copy of the ad. Best title on YouTube wins, right? 😉

    Anyway, I wrote a post about it in early January. It is here, in case you’re interested:

    Twitter follow request sent, btw. I’m i-boy …

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