After the entire list of BNP members got leaked yesterday (complete with names, addresses, professions and some instances, ages) the internet has been awash with opinion and debate around who dunnit, why, and the ethics of the action. As well as the commentators however, other cunning internet tinkerers have also been at work in quite different ways.

This morning we had the inevitable mashup, plotting locations of members on google maps. This afternoon (and the point of this post really) we’ve got the amazing lolgriffin blog giving just the right amount of credibility to that objectionable little man. Genius.

What next, I wonder?


Nick Griffin = knob. There are few truer equations.



6 Responses to “Lolfascists”

  1. FishNChimps Says:

    With news that a DJ and a PC have already been sacked because of this list, I reckon there’s a real danger of the BNP racking up sympathy votes in forthcoming elections.

  2. doug Says:

    cripes. you might be right…

    wonder what’ll happen when they sack the ad men on the list? perhaps it’ll balance out the sympathy thing 😉

  3. Sam Says:

    Just laughed my ass off, what a find! The lolgriffin blog, not the list. Obviously.

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  6. Andrea Says:

    We know the internet’s evolved when 4chan is no longer enough to post pictures, you need a blog for every meme, like

    Next is we wait for more data to be leaked with private data and the hidden forces that run the internets ordering things in their name! Like £200 worth of Domino’s!

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