Top 3 Election Coverage Moments

As the first dog gets chosen and the dust settles after the events of Tuesday, it’s time to take stock. Of the epoch defining choice that America made, of the global ramifications that an American shift to the left will herald, and of course, the best moments of the epic TV coverage that charted the historic night.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, everything was on offer. There was the innovative, twitter and digg mashup for the tech crowd, the minority report-style interface action on virtually every network for, erm, also the tech crowd and the usual eclectic mix of pundits to ensure we, the viewer, were better informed than possibly the candidates themselves (certainly Sarah Palin at least).

So for what it’s worth, here are my top three pieces of election coverage that – aside from the small matter of the outcome – made the event so memorable and entertaining.

3 – “Mr. Rascal do you feel yourself to be British?”

Dizzee Rascal provides some penetrating insight into the election. Jeremy Paxman reveals to us all the proper and correct way to address an urban music artist.

2 – Starsomething Holograms

Holograms are awesome. Fact. And they’re even better when you can’t agree whether they’re more Star Wars or Star Trek.

…and at number 1

Vidal vs. Dimbelby

This is simply hilarious. IMHO Vidal’s madness rightfully earns this battle of wits the number one spot. Watch and learn (although from who is entirely your choice).

I ♥ elections


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