Fabbing ftw

So when I finally develop that amazing web 2.0 superapp and sell it for megabucks, I won’t be stopping by the Ferrari garage first (although I’ll call in at some point). I’ll be calling the lovely chaps at Z Solutions and placing my order for a Z Printer 450, and popping a cheque for £25,000 + VAT in the next post.

People have been talking about personal fabrication for a while now and whilst it’s still hardly that affordable, this piece of kit gives us a glimpse of something very exciting (if you’re a designer, architect or geek at least) and it’s only a matter of time before these little beauties are sitting in offices and homes around the land.

Take a look at this video and try telling me you don’t want one.

Have a look here for more super awesome stuff along the same theme.

Edit: take a look here for a list of what 3D printers can do here and now….


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