I can haz CRM

Call me a language fascist, but surely if you’re planning on adopting a CRM strategy you’d employ someone who can write with at least a modicum of eloquence to manage the communication?

Homecall+ clearly don’t agree. I received this email from them today:

Hi there,

I’m Ayesha the Sales Manager here at HomeCall+, and this is your 1st weekly Newsletter from myself.

As a valued customer of ours already I feel that it would be beneficial to you to recieve my weeekly Newsletter and be kept up to date on all our exciting products & services.

Therefore over the next couple of weeks I will be emailing you our informative weekly Newsletter showing you what other service’s we do, introducing you to the team here at HomeCall+ and more importantly how we can save you money.

HomeCall+ is a national company who understands the importance of a quality service and providing best value, we also have invested heavily in our own ‘in-house’ training facilities, so that the engineers are constantly updated on technological advances and changes to regulations. We have in place our own Health and Safety Officer, Corgi Gas Service Technical manager’s along with a network of quality managers who continuously monitor the quality of the engineers and their workmanship.

Kind Regards

I must remember to write to the Mail to complain about the failings of the British education system (or at least to Homecall to advise they run their spelling and grammar checks a tad more regularly).

For the moment, however, I await the next informative weekly newsletter with baited breath bated breath. (oops – that’ll teach me)


2 Responses to “I can haz CRM”

  1. katie Says:

    *bated breath

    judge not lest ye be judged…

  2. Doug Says:

    yes yes – very good!

    although in my defence… this isn’t a piece of formal business communication!

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