Dates for your diary

As I make my daily emergence from the typhoon of nappies and sterilisers to take temporary refuge within the bowels of Parker Tower, I have once again begun to make – albeit brief – forays back into the plannersphere.

Good job too. Because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been aware of these two little shindigs that are bound to be of interest to the discerning reader. Amazing what you miss when you’re out of the loop.

First up (in a couple of weeks in fact) we have Iris presenting ‘Under the Influence’, which as far as I can see is a booze-backed gaze into the future of the comms industry, held across five London pubs with all manner of interesting speakers sharing their view. Looks like a corker. All that – and it’s free. What are you waiting for? Oh, the link, right, yes. Details are here.

And talking of interesting (see that link?) who could forget Russell‘s magnum opus of last year? Well guess what. It’s back and coming to a Conway Hall near you soon. Ticket’s aren’t on sale yet – but keep up to date with speakers etc. here. It’ll be interesting. Again.

Good afternoon.


2 Responses to “Dates for your diary”

  1. Gagey Says:

    Good to read your musings again.

    See you at under the influence if not before!

  2. Doug Says:

    why hello there Paul.

    which sessions are you booked in for at UTI?

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