It’s nice to be wanted

Isn’t it nice to be a client in demand?

The Sunday Times yesterday reported a small furore around the amount of money that Saatchi and Saatchi were charging the Labour Party to run their ad account. The issue seemed to be that, at £8,000 per month, the retainer was, as one ‘leading advertising executive’ said, “ridiculously low” and therefore should constitute a non-cash donation which should be declared accordingly.

All good stuff if you’re a Labour voter. I was less interested in that however, than the seemingly ill-judged comment made by Eleanor Conroy, a spokesperson for S&S:

“It is heavily discounted because we are so keen to work on it and so passionate about it,” mused Conway. “They pay for the costs. We give them a massive discount”.

“It is not a charity but there’s stuff that you feel passionate enough about to want to work on. You are not going to charge the same as you would charge Toyota.”

Hang on a minute? Is that the same Toyota that spent (according to Nielsen data) north of £38m in 2007? Clearly money doesn’t equate to passion for the chaps down in Charlotte Street – which is refreshing in ad land – although I’m sure CHI are smirking a little and are making every effort to demonstrate how passionate they are about the Toyota UK business…


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