Back in the chair

photo taken on the wise advice of Victor 🙂

It’s been a brutally busy January.

In seeming anticipation of the baby-based workload that’s likely to hit mid/late Feb my early 2008 workload has front-weighted itself (four pitches and counting) to create a maelstrom of busyness so fierce that it’s not only knocked any blogging opportunities (reading and writing) on the head, it’s also prohibited any semblance of a social life either (so if you happen to be one of the people I’ve cancelled/postponed/ignored in the past four weeks or so, do please accept my apologies).

On top of that I have managed to inexplicably shift from a person who almost never got ill (a descriptor valid from roughly March 1979 to November 2007) to a person who almost never gets well (December 2007 and beyond). The highlight – although clearly that’s the wrong word – of the plague stories was the great tooth abscess, which was more pain than anyone should have to suffer – marginally worse than the pain suffered by those unfortunates who followed my incessant twittering of the saga.

In the midst of the pitch-based carnage and plague-ridden suffering however there have been some bright things emerge elsewhere in the plannersphere; two of the finest young minds have got jobs (good work chaps, and well done to the lucky establishments that have snapped you up) and my mate Faris has upped sticks to take his unique brand of, well, farisness, to Naked in over in the big apple – and I know he’ll make a great impact over there. Good luck one and all. On top of that, the awesome Torchwood has returned, and I saw Moz at the Roundhouse last week before he cried off ill, so it ain’t all bad.

Anyhoo. This is all a roundabout way of saying I’m back in the (blogging) chair. I’ve been tagged by two fellow bloggers – thanks Neil and Katy – I’ll have a little think and get memeing (can meme be a verb?) shortly. Just what the doctor ordered to get me going again.


4 Responses to “Back in the chair”

  1. Sam Says:

    Thanks for your kind words Graeme, I’m lucky (and I’m sure Rob feels the same way) to have had the entire plannersphere posse at my back baying for employment blood 😀 – it makes dealing with everything a lot easier when you have the wisdom of many to help you.

    Good to see you’re getting your meme on again (that’s a use for it I think).

    That desk is waaaay too clean!


  2. neilperkin Says:

    Good to see you back in the saddle again Graeme. Jeez, that abcess thing sounds a tad nasty

  3. Gagey Says:

    Good luck with baby prep, and good to see you back!

    It seems to have been a mad January all round for many agencies as the annual client / agency pitch merry-go-round is in full swing. Let’s hope it’s not just a procurement driven exercise and we can see some brave clients doing some innovative things in 2008.

  4. Faris Says:

    thanks dude – and congrats again!

    hope you’re well by now…


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