Amazon Kindle: will it be a success?

I love reading, and the concept of next-gen reading devices really does intrigue me. As such, it was with interest that I read Amazon (which I also love) launched their own effort today – the Kindle. But will it be the product to really kick off the e-reader revolution? I have my doubts…

– For a start, it’s almost $400, which is probably $100 too much.

– $9.99 for a book download seems a bit excessive. I would assume that represents a sweet margin. Knock 30% off that and it’d seem like a reasonable bestseller rate to me.

– It’s really, really ugly. In fact, it looks like it was designed by Clive Sinclair on a grey industrial estate sometimes in the winter of ’85. I know it’s in the eye of beholder, but the iPhone this ain’t.

– Real books rule. Fact. Always have, always will. Nothing beats beauty of a wonderfully designed hardback. I have my doubts that until these new fangled things look and feel a bit more like a book, they’ll never really take off, no matter how good the technology.

All that said, anytime wireless downloading of literature is very cool, there’s bound to be a green spin, 80,000 titles at launch is pretty impressive, the display looks awesome, and if anyone knows how to flog this, it’s going to be Bezos and co. Oh, and apparently Neil Gaiman likes it too.

But of course, if anyone wants to send me a UK compatible version for me to test, I’m more than happy to oblige ;0)


3 Responses to “Amazon Kindle: will it be a success?”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Did you mention that it’s REALLY REALLY UGLY?

  2. Doug Says:

    yeah, think so 😉

    but, as always, that’s a very personal thing. I’m sure there’ll be people who hold it up as a paragon of wonderful design

  3. Marcus Says:

    Don’t be daft Doug. It’s way too ugly to be liked by anyone.

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