This is England?

Currently running in Belgium, the above Eurostar outdoor work is trying to flog England trips to the locals.

Says Eurostar:

“It’s fun, it’s supposed to show how cosmopolitan London is. Yes, I really think it says London is cosmopolitan … you could walk down Camden market and you can see someone like that. It just captures your imagination, stops you, makes you think. People get it.”

I personally quite like it – aside from the chap possessing quite remarkable aim, it’s well shot, provocative and actually quite funny – but I’m sure middle England might see it slightly differently…

Update: Looks like middle England really doesn’t like it… check here for some comedy responses from the readers of that paragon of morality, you guessed it, The Daily Mail

Not sure who the agency is – if anyone knows do please drop me a note.


One Response to “This is England?”

  1. lauren Says:

    hi graeme!
    considering that these ads are running for the belgians, who gives a toss what middle england like.

    maybe the daily mail should be asking middle-ish belgium what they think. and if they don’t like it, then the agency can think about worrying.

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