Free Rice

This is a wonderful initiative from efundraising guru John Breen for the UN / World Food Programme.

Free Rice is a site based on a very simple ad funded, user reward model. Capitalising on what seems a bit of a trend in personal intelligence testing and enhancement (Dr Kawashima anyone?) it’s essentially a vocab test where you are presented with a word and asked to pick the synonym from a list of five options below. For every one you get correct, ten grains of rice are donated to the programme, and you climb up to a higher level (increasing the difficulty as you go). You get smarter, the WFP gets to distribute food. Great, huh?

It seems that I’m a little late to the party here (it kicked off over a month back) and whilst I’ve been snoozing interest has hit fever pitch, built through all manner of web 2.0 type initiatives (including the de rigeur facebook groups, natch), culminating in more than a billion grains of rice having been donated at the time of writing.

A simple idea, brilliantly executed and marketed, yielding phenomenal results.

Oh, and kudos to the many brands that are supporting this. Good on you.


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