Come to the Capn’s Table

We’ve all seen AMV‘s new Bird’s Eye ads with Suggs. You know the ones, where he sits amongst the idyll of a nuclear-ish family, freezing time when someone happens to chuck a load of produce in the air whilst espousing the multifarious benefits of deep frozen, nay, ‘good mood food’. (All set to the a-little-bit-too-obvious backdrop of ‘Our House’).

And just in case you haven’t seen one, here’s Marcus‘ favourite spot de jour, ‘revision’:

You can see what they’re trying to do. And aside from some trite cues it’s done pretty well. I’ll even forgive Suggs. But sorry chaps, it’s by no means the best work from Bird’s Eye ever.

After doing a bit of research into their back catalogue I came across this gem, which in my eyes (and on watching you’ll see why) beats the current crop hands down. A good old fashioned product quality claim, and a reference to the greatest football team ever to grace this land. And the Captain is nowhere in sight (anyway, he’s probably on some kind of register by now).

And the takeout? During the ’70s, working-class Northern lads ate frozen burgers and couldn’t afford sportswear, and posh condescending Southerners worked in advertising (check out the closing v/o!).

Utterly brilliant.


One Response to “Come to the Capn’s Table”

  1. FishNChimps Says:

    I think Bird’s Eye made a mistake making the crusty old Cap’n Birdseye walk the plank. Maybe he was slightly paedophilic, but at least kids got that he was a character. Suggs though… nice bloke, nice band, but how many kids are going to know who he is? Mine don’t.

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