I could eat a horse

I’ve been away again (last pre-baby city break and all that), this time to Slovenia. Ljubljana and Bled are both wonderful places, and I wholeheartedly recommend a trip over there.

And they sure know how to sate a post-England semi-final pilsner induced hunger over there. Not sure it’ll catch on over here, mind…

I must admit though that the sign is a bit misleading. You really think I ate red ‘n’ hot horse in a primal post pub hunt for food? Pah.

It wasn’t in the slightest bit red.


4 Responses to “I could eat a horse”

  1. Will Says:

    I have eaten horse. It tasted, unsurprisingly, like chicken.

  2. neilperkin Says:

    I’ve eaten aligator. That tasted, unsurprisingly, like fishy chicken

  3. Charles Frith Says:

    I ate Whale meat in Tokyo. Just in case anyone thought I was a bleading heart liberal.

    I’m a fucking socialist.

  4. Charles Frith Says:


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