I know how to make TV better….

Stick more ads in, that’s how! Or maybe not… (rare media post coming up)

This is precisely what’s being considered by OFCOM in the UK at the moment, who are looking into increasing the maximum amount of advertising terrestrial broadcasters are allowed to air. The average is predicted to shift from 7 to 9 minutes but with a maximum of 12 minutes in any given hour.

12 minutes?! Great. Just what we needed. Not only will this dilute the already diminishing impact of TV advertising (ad recall is – amongst other factors – linked closely to number of ads in a break) it will surely serve to piss viewers off. Almost half of UK adults feel that are already “bombarded by advertising”, and with nearly 40% of people agreeing that “most TV advertising is annoying” (both source: TGI 2006), increasing commercial minutage seems like an incredibly short-termist and naive move.

In an age where we’re moving away from a push model of advertising, and seeking to engage consumers with our brands, saturating their leisure time even further with ads doesn’t seem like a very smart move to me.

I can think of two parties who will be pleased with this – the BBC (and they need a boost at the moment) and manufacturers of PVRs (hello, free Sky+ boxes).


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