In Search of Lost Time

While we bloggers flock to celebrate all that is new, shiny and digital in the media world, spare a thought for the stuff we grew up with. And stuff that our parents – and possibly grandparents – grew up with. The dusty old stuff that used to be loved.

It was with heavy heart that I read today that The Dandy, the world’s oldest comic (or media brand, as we might call it today) is to (all but) close.

For me, The Dandy evokes childhood memories of sunny days (though I’m sure it must, on occasion at least, have been rainy), running down to the corner shop with thirty pence, picking up the latest issue and a handful of penny sweets, and retreating to the swings in the park to enjoy the latest shenanigans of Desperate Dan, Bananaman and Beryl the Peril. (Clearly I would have preferred a PSP but unfortunately I was twenty years too early). Happy days indeed.

The Dandy brand will continue to exist in a bastardised format (Dandy Xtreme, natch), pandering to shorter attention spans and a wealth of other entertainment options. As ‘ed’ puts it: “following extensive research, we discovered The Dandy readers were struggling to schedule a weekly comic into their hectic lives. They just didn’t have enough time”. I can almost smell the focus groups.

So while I whittle time away today and over the coming weeks with my shiny new media friends, I’ll whisper a lament for old chums, friends no longer deemed relevant, who just couldn’t keep pace with kids today.

Although I haven’t read it for years, I’ll miss The Dandy. Farewell, old pal.


2 Responses to “In Search of Lost Time”

  1. Will Says:

    I read about this too. What a shitter.

    I mean, it’s no Beano (what could be?), but the Dandy is precisely the sort of thing that I’d want my kids reading.

    A damn shame.

  2. Faris Says:


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