Even during my blogging mini-hiatus, I’m heartened to see that – according to my friends at Google Analytics at least – regular readers are still sticking around and popping back from time to time. Which is lovely.

Sorry it’s been so quiet. I have two big pieces of news to share in the coming week or two that for reasons that will become apparent I’m unable to discuss now, but they both are contributing to the PFF downtime.

Normal service will be resumed very shortly. Thanks for sticking around. I look forward to boring you all again very soon ;-p


2 Responses to “Shhhhhh……”

  1. Charles Frith Says:

    Blogging about future blogs of very important news is called teasing us and its worse than not blogging at all. I’m putting you on notice mate 😉

  2. Rozza Says:

    hear hear, Charles – that was a seriously annoyingly intriguing post, GD!

    We loyal readers await with baited breath…

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