Comics are ace

As was de rigueur after interesting2007 I posted some thoughts about the day, and I mentioned that my one of my favourite talks was about the physics of comic books. Unfortunately due to my utter ineptitude I couldn’t recall the speaker’s name, let alone get hold of the presentation.

Well thanks to both Russell and Carl (who writes a very good blog himself – check it out) I know now and I can give the due deference. The chap was Jack Schulze, and his excellent presentation can be found here. If you didn’t attend the day, it’s well worth a read whether you’re a fan of comics or not (and even if you did go, it’s certainly worth revisiting).

Oh, and the above pic is of a chap called Hiro Nakamura, one of the lead characters in the most excellent Heroes, which incidentally starts in the UK on BBC2 next week (25th July, 9pm). I watched it on Sci-Fi (and absolutely loved it) and I wholeheartedly recommend if you didn’t catch it on its first run, you really must when it kicks off on the beeb.


One Response to “Comics are ace”

  1. Faris Says:

    You read The Filth? Completely awesome.

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