It’s what Ian Rush drinks

I’ve been doing some work for Cravendale recently and as part of this I’ve been reacquainting myself with the milk market in the UK. Immersing myself in milk, so to speak.

Something rather interesting and frankly quite surprising has struck me during this work. And that is, it seems to me at least, that the market is primed for the glorious return of the milkman.

Ah, the milkman. Bastion of British life, pillar of the local community, source of dubious comedy and adultery-based gags around the land. The decline of the milkman was a national tragedy – but fear not. I reckon things are about to change. Bored housewives of the land celebrate. But why?

Not to mention convenience, over and above most supermarket purchased milk, milk delivered by the milkman offers:

– Low carbon footprint (one milk float rather than dozens of cars, and it’s often electric)

– Extremely low waste, thanks to totally reusable (and recyclable) packaging

– Fresh local produce with traceable origin

What do you reckon? Could it happen?

A shift back towards home milk delivery looks good for consumers, and good for the environment. Whether it will be good for the current milk behemoths depends on how they embrace it.


3 Responses to “It’s what Ian Rush drinks”

  1. Paul H. Colman Says:

    Very good point Doug.

    In a former life I tried to persuade a dairy that this approach was exactly what they needed to do, but would they listen – nope.

  2. Will Says:

    Yes, I agree with you mate.

    In addition to the reasons you mention, it also brings back the personal touch – getting to know your milkman, etc – which I think is sadly lacking in so much shopping/consumer behaviour these days.

  3. Charles Frith Says:

    Nice one Doug. The return of the electric milk float is surely just a matter of time. As we approach peak oil the innovative and creative energy saving hats will be put on. It wont be just milk I suspect.

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