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After such an inspiring day at Conway Hall on Saturday, it would be remiss of me not to commit something to (electric) paper about Interesting2007. So here it is. As so many bright people were there undoubtedly you’ll see better, more eloquent paeans about the event, but inelegance notwithstanding, here goes.

Everything about the day was great, from the venue itself, through to the attendees and of course the speakers. Being a bit of a geek, my personal highlights were the Physics of Comic Books and the History of Tubes (apologies for not noting speaker names down, and quite possibly not getting the exact titles correct) though I’m sure I’d join every other attendee by saying that there wasn’t one poor speaker or any air of pretense – everyone was enthusiastic, fun and, well, interesting. Which was kind of the point, so that’s good.

And as for Sacrum… I hope your feet are OK from such a trek.

It was also great to meet such a large contingent of the blogging fraternity there; some familiar faces and some new. All lovely people. To those I met, hello, and to those I didn’t, I wish I had – next time, hopefully.

Oh, and I finally met Northern Planner too, which was very cool.

Congrats to Russell and his team for pulling off such a wonderful and unique event. Quite a standard has been set for the surely inevitable Interesting2008, which I really want to speak at, although about what, I’m not quite sure. I guess I’ve got circa ten months to work something out…

Oh, and Beeker, I’ve just bought this as a result of your gig. Despite a degree in Literature, I’m only familiar with Ibsen’s poetry, not his plays. Which is quite embarrassing. Not for much longer…


7 Responses to “it really was…”

  1. Sacrum Says:

    My feet burn – burn is heat – heat is warmness.

    I send you warmness.

  2. Will Says:

    Lovely to see you again Doug.

    And is that some naughty hecklers I spy on the balcony?

    I think it might be you know, but it’s a bit dark. Can’t really tell..

  3. Doug Says:

    oh yes. although certainly not heckling… being interested 🙂

  4. beeker Says:

    very good indeed to meet you. hope you enjoy the ibsen – excellent selection. (i’ll feel personally responsible if you don’t…)

  5. np Says:

    About time we caught up. be sure to let me know when you hit Leeds

  6. Sarah Says:

    Did Dr. James Kakalios give the talk about the Physics of Comic Books by chance? I heard him give a talk about the Physics of Superheros at this year’s PUSH conference…

  7. Doug Says:

    hmmm. not sure. don’t recall him being a Dr.

    but anyone who can discuss that topic is bound to be a bit of a hero to me!

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