When will I be Famous?

Jonathan Durden, “self-made millionaire”, co-founder of media agency PHD, current partner at MCBD and author of trash* has entered the Big Brother house. What on earth has possessed him do it?

I wonder what will be the pet topic in the trade press over the next few weeks? Looks like Cannes will have to take second billing….

*This isn’t really fair as I haven’t read it. However, given the salacious tabloid stories that are bound to emerge in the coming weeks, he’ll have to endure far worse than that!

Thanks to Faris for the heads-up


And so it begins. Perhaps the pick of the tabloid rot dredged up at the weekend was this impressive expose in The Mirror:

“Although personally worth more than £5million, he recently signed up with an escort service and was paid to have sex with women.

As he was introduced to the giggling BB girls, he gasped: “I’m going to have a heart attack in a minute.”

Jonathan, who boasts of having a “fruity past”, said he sold himself as an escort “for the hell of it”.


4 Responses to “When will I be Famous?”

  1. wodge Says:

    How well know is he in ad land?

  2. Doug Says:

    he’s pretty high profile – his media agency, PHD, is a top 10 operator, and he’s always in the trade press. by all accounts he’s a nice chap and is well respected – can’t for the life on me understand why he’s doing this to himself?!

  3. wodge Says:

    If he doesn’t do anything ‘stupid’ while he’s on, it could be quite good for his profile, I suppose.

  4. Doug Says:

    yeah, I guess. just a lot of ad folk of that generation have relatively ‘colourful’ pasts and the tabs have a habit of scraping it all up… we’ll see, I guess!

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