Grannie will be Proud

I had a nice surprise this morning when a colleague informed me that an edit of one of my inane blog ramblings had been featured in the ‘best of the blogs’ column in this week’s Campaign. Must have been a very slow week in the plannersphere. However it got there, it’s my first (although quite possibly last) appearance in the mag so I was quite chuffed.

If you’re interested, you can read the full piece here.

I wrote it when I was in a bit of a mood about something, and that probably comes across in the tone of the post. I’m just glad I included the ‘not at my agency’ caveat šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Grannie will be Proud”

  1. Will Says:

    Congratulations mate – I’ve not seen a copy yet, but I’m sure it’s all good.

  2. Will Says:

    Now I’ve had a look at it – good stuff mate.

    Long may the mentions continue.

  3. Gagey Says:

    grats big man. the start of many no doubt

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