Apologies. Minor media industry rant coming up.

Ideas are invaluable to everyone. To agencies, for whom ideas provide market differentiation and allow us to charge a fee consummate with the generation of such a scarce commodity, to our clients, to whom ideas can make the difference between a brand flourishing or dying, and of to course consumers, who enjoy the stimulation and experience that a great idea provides.

Why then, do so many people (in the media industry at least, although I hasten to add not at the place that I call home) still regard them simply as ‘fluffy’ and inconsequential; an optional extra or final layer of icing, as opposed to the primary force behind a campaign?

Ideas are, by their very nature, amorphous and abstract entities. Along with allowing me to use overly verbose words to describe them, it’s also why they are often so difficult to handle, and I guess for many, are too much hassle to bother putting the effort in.

Ideas have been the currency of the creative agency since time immemorial, but it’s probably only in the past five to ten years, when the industry began embracing communications planning as a genuinely important discipline, that media agencies have had to become more competent in creating and handling these most enigmatic yet powerful of entities.

Depressingly, we’re still way behind where we ought to be. Too many people enjoy the easy comfort which the comms equivalent of a worn-in pair of slippers provides (400 ratings and a bit of press). We are getting better. A quick look at some of the Media Week / Campaign awards from last year provides hope. However so long as these great ideas are still the exception, we need to push forward and continue to promote just how important inspiring ideas are for the future success of our business.


One Response to “Ideas”

  1. Marcus Says:

    go Graeme, go! Good rant my friend.

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