Going Green?

It’s about time we started taking this seriously. And it’s awesome that such a prominent figure as Mr. Grant is leading the charge.

To find out what’s going on, read this (sorry for being dictatorial, but in this instance, it’s probably justified). It was presented at an APG meeting this week.

Apparently John is heading to our office soon to present this. I, for one, can’t wait. I guess the industry can’t, either. I just hope we listen.


2 Responses to “Going Green?”

  1. Greg Says:

    When is he coming in?

    I wonder if in another year’s time the agenda will have moved on again or if green issues are hear to stay?

    Is it just whatever the media jump on that dictates our collective conscience or does big business drive the green agenda in order to flog more stuff?

    My feelings are that it’s much more top down that bottom up. Maybe that’s a tad cynical though.

  2. Doug Says:

    i really don’t think it matters.

    who started the movement is irrelevant so long as the movement is started, in my eyes. if more stuff gets flogged, but we (the planet) are collectively better off for it, so be it.

    redders is sorting the date, so not sure when it’ll happen!

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