Master Herbalogist…

… is apparently one of Steven Seagal‘s (presumably multifarious) ‘official’ skills. Along with roundhouses, no doubt.

So, what would a mob-busting high-kicking herbmesiter actor do with his spare time? Concoct a range of energy drinks, of course. But not just any old energy drinks. He’s only gone and made the best damn energy drinks in whole wide world. At least according to him.

Says big Steve: “I have travelled the world creating this drink … there is none better that I know.”

Wow. Gotta get me some Lightening Bolt. In ‘Asian Experience’ flavour, of course (Root Beer Rush and Cherry Charge also available).

As seen on the Beeb. (Come on, give me a break, it’s Friday!)


2 Responses to “Master Herbalogist…”

  1. mediawasp Says:

    Just add vodka for a punchy night out in town.

  2. Doug Says:

    boom boom!

    could be an endline in there… 🙂

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