There’s an absolutely fascinating debate raging over on the innocent blog over their decision to trial their kids smoothies in a limited number of McDonalds in the North East of England.

As you’d expect from a brand that has developed such a close bond with its consumers (built largely, I’d argue, from it’s honest, friendly and human persona) this move has elicited a passionate response (well worth a read), played out in full (and – as you expect – with honest, friendly and human responses from the innocent owners and well as the blogosphere’s very own Dan) on the company site.

Aside from whether or not you agree with decision (opinion seems pretty split at the moment) one has to admire the way that innocent have handled this. They have recognised the potential umbrage that many may take, and approached the issue head-on, encouraging opinion and being incredibly straightforward about the reasons behind the move.

Ultimately, it’s only a trial in the North East, that, if you think about it, would have passed most by if innocent themselves hadn’t flagged it. That they chose to be so open about a key business decision with their consumers, and the way in which they have handled it and nurtured debate, says far more to me about the company than the decision itself.

Thanks to Paul for bringing this debate to our attention.


The CEO of McDonalds UK has even weighed into this debate on the blog now (at least he claims to be him…). I have a feeling that this will run and run…


2 Responses to “innocent?”

  1. Jeremy Jacobs Says:

    Aren’t “Innocent” drinks full of sugar?

  2. Doug Says:

    yes, I believe so… I heard once that millilitre for millilitre they have more sugar than coke (though I can’t substantiate that).

    however, their argument is that it’s all natural sugar – only stuff that is naturally contained within the fruit. I guess if you drunk loads of them – as with anything – it wouldn’t do you much good, but in small (250ml) doses, the fruity goodness far outweighs any sugar issues…

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