Fantasy Football – For Real

We’ve all seen the various web 2.0 projects encouraging mass collaboration for a common goal. None, however are as ambitious, evocative and downright audacious as My Football Club.

It’s aim? To buy a professional football club, and democratise all major decisions involved in running it. From buying players, to kit manufacturer, all 50,000 “owners” will have a joint stake in everything, right down to voting on substitutions, based on various in-match conditions and scenarios. Oh yes. And there won’t be a manager. Instead, a head-coach will be in place to train players, advise the owners on performance, make recommendations but ultimately action the decree of the masses.

Says the website:

“The primary aim of MyFootballClub is to breathe new life into a football club and secure its future by handing ownership over to its Supporters Trust.

Without having to rely on the wealth and goodwill of an individual owner, the club will benefit from the pooled resources, knowledge and enthusiasm of thousands of football fans worldwide.

Although the club will enjoy an increased income, MyFootballClub members will never be able to vote on any decisions that could threaten the club’s stability, such as over-spending on player transfers”

It’s £35 to join. And I’ve signed up. If you’re a footy fan, how can you resist? Testing the wisdom of the football crowd is an awesome and fascinating proposition… what better experiment into mass participation than in a field which exudes such passion and support? Fantastic.

I need something to rekindle my passion for the beautiful game after the season we’ve just had.


3 Responses to “Fantasy Football – For Real”

  1. weenie Says:

    I’ve signed up – as you rightly describe it, it certainly is audacious, a little bit cheeky but with a high possibility of working! I’d hope that we got a small lower/non league club who would really benefit from the cash – please not Leeds United!

  2. Doug Says:

    I agree. A conference club of a reasonable size with good support would be ideal… could we get another a Wimbledon on our hands?!

  3. Will Says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this Doug.

    I’ve signed up. C’mon Stoke.

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