Well that was nice.

I can thoroughly recommend a holiday in Belize to anyone that is perhaps feeling a little jaded or in need of some sunny respite. Varied, friendly and fun. No GPRS action either so the blackberry didn’t work, which was a good thing. Oh, and it was very, very hot.

Places like this are awesome:

As was this:

And the only advertising related thought I had was that we do not have enough hand painted ads in the UK. Nowhere near enough.

But what’s happened in the blogosphere during my absence? Russell is ceasing advertising-related chatter, and Marcus‘ blogs seem to have, well, disappeared… anyone care to fill me in? Mr. Brown? Sacrum?

And unlike Northern Planner during his hiatus, I have zero posts planned or written to hit the ground running with. But I’m sure something will crop up very soon.

It’s nice to be home.


2 Responses to “Back”

  1. FishNChimps Says:

    welcome back. am dead jealous about your hol. i like the hand painted ads, just like in the olden days.
    incidentally, the blackberry network was down all over – some upgrade glitch.

  2. Oakie Says:

    Very nice place 🙂 I wish i could and am glad you are back.

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