Meeting Bloggers

I just back from a thoroughly nice evening, organised by Marcus.

Also in attendance was Paul, Ben, Will, Charles, Henry, John, and Russell (for a bit).

Marcus was handing over the above rather nice picture that he’s painted to raise money for a mountain rescue charity (back story here and here). There’ll be an auction soon.

Weighty topics such as twitter, John Lewis’ ‘brand voice’, putting ads on blogs when you’re not supposed to and blog washing were discussed over a civil few pints. All of which quite successfully took my mind off losing ‘the big pitch’ that I worked on from Jan-March (an occupational hazard, unfortunately).

What a friendly bunch everyone is too. Until the next time (er, Faris‘ shindig on Wednesday, quite possibly).


4 Responses to “Meeting Bloggers”

  1. Will Says:

    I may have to retract the brand voice comment:

    Damn definitions. However, the above the line advertising doesn’t really have a voice. Ale made it hard to get that one out.

    Lovely to meet you Graeme – I will be at Faris’s drinks evening as well, but probably having considerably fewer sherbets.

  2. Marcus Brown Says:

    It was great to finally meet you…bloody shandy drinker.

  3. Charles Frith Says:

    hi Graham. great to meet up and look forward to the next time. alas beersphere is off tonight but until next time. be well.

  4. Doug Says:

    it’s a shame about tonight… look forward to another one soon!

    Great to meet you Will, Marcus and Charles

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