I can’t believe it’s butter

Lovely new work from W&K for Lurpak.

Not what you’d automatically expect from a butter (saying that, you wouldn’t expect an expert trombonist made of butter either) but it once again goes to prove you can find beauty in the ordinary.

There’s also some cracking new work for Lurpak stablemate Cravendale (also from W&K) on the horizon that I posted about at the weekend… these will be reposted soon (as soon as some digital rights issues are resolved, apparently).


One Response to “I can’t believe it’s butter”

  1. FishNChimps Says:

    Is it my imagination or is this manner of M&S-style slow-mo, close-shot food porn becoming more prevalent?
    BTW, I prefer the Lurpak baked potato ad – a real celebration of the humble, much-abused spud.

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