Lovely. Milky Milky

I used to work on Cravendale. You know, back in the days of those scary cows.

But alas, those days are long gone (well, about 9 months gone) and, well, times they are a-changin’.

Check out Cravendale’s brand-spanking new look, complete with these two super sweet, very much ‘of the moment’ stop-motion spots (courtesy of W&K).

How do you make milk interesting? Pop some wacky little dudes in an ad and get them to hunt down the creamy nectar of course. Brilliant.


One Response to “Lovely. Milky Milky”

  1. Oakie Says:

    I love these ads.

    I hate Milk ads here in Thailand, sick of same old style – every brand has the pouring milk with popping up the text graphic saying about Protein, Calcium, Vitamins blah blah… Showing us the d*mn good mother giving the best drink for her kids and so on..They are totally boring.

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