Phew. It’s been a busy 2007 so far. Come to think of it, 2006 was hardly quiet either. I think I deserve a holiday.

Good job in less than two weeks I’m off to Belize. And I can’t wait.

I had a pretty close shave with cancellation last week, when ‘the office’ requested that I considered postponing my holiday due to a large pitch that I’m currently working on, and I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I entertained the idea, going as far as getting a price for rebooking it (and discussing it with the wife… big mistake). It all ended happily however, with it finally being deemed that I was in fact temporarily dispensable, so long as I work my arse off for the period in the run-up to my trip.

So with the dissertation due in soon, and the pitches under my belt, it’ll be strange to have no major projects to worry about when I’m away. Strange but good. I’m all too easily subsumed by work, and with all my bits and bobs going on over the past few months it’s all got me quite stressed recently. So a bit of time off – proper time off – is hopefully going to do me some good.

So instead of thinking about brands and the web (well, except twitter – expect some hardcore Belizean twitter action) and consumers and channels and business, I can think about things like this instead…

… but, not quite yet. Two weeks to go. A little bit more brands and religion. And more waiting for clients to decide pitch results. And a dash of audience interrogation. But soon.


3 Responses to “Holibobs”

  1. Oakie Says:

    Sounds awesome. I have already coveted.

  2. neilperkin Says:

    I’m jealous. Proposed to my wife on a trip to Belize. It’s lurvely. Have fun…

  3. Rozza Says:

    You lucky thing. Belize looks incredible. But please, can’t you leave Twitter behind? He needs a holiday too, you know…

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