If you only watch one film this year…

Watch Pan’s Labyrinth. Bought the DVD, saw it last night.

It’s absolutely stunning.


7 Responses to “If you only watch one film this year…”

  1. Faris Says:

    It’s awesome isn’t it! But also the most harrowing film I’ve seen for some time.

  2. Greg Says:

    I saw it last week alone on a cold dark night, I’m not good with those sorts of films at the best of times. I thought it was brilliant as well but I reckon there could have been a lot more labyrinth action.

  3. Will Says:

    It is a classic. Saw it (late release for some reason) in America about a month ago.

    Got to love a film with a Cardiff smile..

  4. Doug Says:

    hahaha – when I was at school I used to be petrified about ‘the smiley gang’… happy days

  5. Marcus Brown Says:

    Is it scary? Like really scary? Can I watch it with my kids?

  6. Doug Says:

    brutal rather than scary Marcus. man’s inhumanity to man is a pretty central theme, and there’s some quite graphic violence from some of the main protagonists. it’s the ‘real’ world that’s set as the frightening place, the world of the faun is (you could argue) the escape.

    depends how old/mature your kids are i suppose. but it’s awesome and you have to watch it!

  7. Marcus Brown Says:

    Cheers Doug, that sounds like something for me, but not for the girls. DVD here I come.

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