Marketing by Numbers

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Comms planner? Copywriter? Account man? Warning: this post may have you trembling. Or perhaps not….

A company in the States called Spot Runner is doing, according to CBNC “for television advertising what Google did for web advertising – that is, making it simple, targeted and affordable for small businesses”.

Using a self-service model, Spot Runner claims to make TV advertising quick, easy and affordable for local businesses by allowing them to buy off the shelf TV spots and media laydowns. Clients select from a stock of generic ads, overlay their own logo and v/o, and then select how much they want to spend on media value. Spot Runner then do the rest and the campaign hits the airwaves.

It’s an interesting model. Obviously this’ll never work for higher spending clients… assuming that you can effectively use stock ads, and bypass any semblance of comms/media strategy is just plain silly. But, I can see enough small businesses being interested in this no matter how many of us in the big agencies scoff and scorn (which we will – just look at those ads!) to make it fruitful for the owners. Just to be able to say “as seen on TV” is a powerful motivator for many non-marketing focussed clients and this route in could be about the easiest and cheapest (though admittedly I’ve not pored over their pricing model) available to them.

Whatever next? Consumers making their own ads?!

via springwise last week.


5 Responses to “Marketing by Numbers”

  1. Greg Says:

    Looks like the long tail is wagging. Democratisation of the tools to produce TV ads seems a bold next step once the SMEs have saturated their “come and find me” advertising.

  2. Doug Says:

    a bold step indeed. but – arguably – an expensive waste of time in the wrong hands? or is that just because I’m an adman?!

  3. Seb Says:

    we got something like this here in Germany. via Campaign Pool pharmaceutical companies can buy campaigns. the system is quite easy: health care agencies can post their campaign for specific product groups on the website and the client can choose from whatever campaign fits to their product and pays the agency. can’t imagine who will actually use this.

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  5. Faris Says:

    Google will be in there. They are already in radio. Long tail indeed eats the head:

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