New Blogs Ahoy!

Since my blogging became ‘public’ at work I’ve had the usual mix of banter, abuse, support and compliments (in various doses).

What I am particularly proud of, however, is the role that my blogging and badgering has had in the fact that three of my colleagues have taken up the mantle too. And it’s a good thing – they’re all very clever chaps, and I’m sure that their take on things will be well worth a read.

First up, we have Greg. He’s been posting intermittently for a while now, however he’s assured me that he’s taken something for this and that he’s now ever so regular. Which is a good thing, because his punchy opinions are never less than interesting.

Secondly, please say hello to Rozza. He claimed to take a vow of advertising abstinence when it came to blogging, although looking through his site so far he seems to have broken this a few times already. A man of the world, and a fellow twitterer, Russell‘s already been commenting on his site, so it must be good. He’s on vox though, which for my money is all wrong. But don’t hold it against him.

Lastly, Gagey. He’s only last as he hasn’t written anything yet. But, as a veteran of the ‘mega comment’ on both this site and others, this is a blog that (I think) will be well worth the wait and certainly one to keep an eye on. So get cracking mate – the plannersphere will be richer for it! (PS – hope you don’t mind me making your site public so quickly!)

So there we go. Take a look and see what you think.

Good luck chaps!

Disclaimer: Planning for Fun cannot be held responsible for the quality of external sites 😉


5 Responses to “New Blogs Ahoy!”

  1. Gagey Says:

    Thanks dougal.

    Always good to seed and encourage anticipation before a launch…

  2. Doug Says:

    you’ve been built up now. it’s almost like i’ve given you a positive charge hohohoho

  3. Oakie Says:

    Nice to have new blogs to read. Hooray!

  4. Marcus Brown Says:

    I will, of course avoid them at all costs.

  5. russell Says:

    Nothing wrong with Vox.

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