On Distractions

I’m not sure why I’m struggling so much, but my dissertation really isn’t progressing at the blistering pace at which I had hoped that it would.

Having just had a week off on study leave, I had anticipated swaggering into work tomorrow with c.10,000 stunningly original and paradigm shattering words that I would then have four weeks to whittle down to the 7,000 word limit, basking in my own seminal prose as I went.

Needless to say, that isn’t likely to be the case (I say likely as of course I have the rest of today – Sunday – with which to wait for a miracle).

Admittedly, I haven’t completely wasted my time. Loitering on Sacrum’s blog is obviously time exceptionally well spent (I’m wondering how to craft ‘brand warmness’ into my essay). I’ve also managed to accrue another 1,000 odd listens on my last.fm profile, which is always handy. And I’ve managed to watch a few films too – I’m pleased to report that Hot Fuzz is amazing.

In fairness, I’ve also read a lot of ‘background’ stuff for the dissertation (reading about religion is probably not a bad idea when you’re claiming to be able to be able to build a brand development framework using it). I’ve gone through all my notes from last year too, and picked out some choice cuts from the various tomes that I dissected during the halcyon days of modules one to six.

So here I sit at my laptop, with a reasonably clear view of what I want to write, but still feeling the need to write a ridiculous diary-esque entry on my blog rather than getting on with the task in hand. However, I’ve drafted a structure, picked some decent references to work with, and have crafted (although that word may be seriously overselling it) about 2,000 words to get me going. I suppose that’s not too bad really. After all, it’s due in on 30th March (my birthday – hurrah) and I have another week off the week after next to finish things off.

I’ll post the final dissertation when it’s done for regular readers to laugh at, along with all the various bits and pieces from the course overall. Open source and all that, eh Sacrum?

Oh, and if anyone’s got any burning opinions on what brands can learn from religion, don’t hesitate to call 😉


8 Responses to “On Distractions”

  1. Jason Lonsdale Says:

    A few random thoughts: (probably dead obvious, but thought I’d share them anyway)

    -the importance of highly recognisable logos (I’m reminded of the Bill Hicks gag -if Jesus has a second coming, do you really think he wants to be reminded of the cross everywhere he turns? It’s like JFK fans wearing a little rifle on a chain around their neck…)

    -that religions and brands are both purely constructs of belief -if people stop believing in them, they lose their power/authority

    -In ‘Lovemarks’, Kevin Roberts talks about “loyalty beyond reason”…

    -“cult brands”? -exclusivity, extremity…

    -the importance of ritual (the recent Hellman’s mayo ad; how do you eat your Oreos?)

    -the importance of having detractors (Marmite) or an enemy (Apple ‘1984’/PC vs Mac)

    -Faris’s recent Dark Side post

    Righto -good luck mate! I’ll post any more thoughts that float into my relaxed sunday brain.


  2. Doug Says:

    thanks mate – that’s exactly the kind of comment I like!! logos/iconography and the idea of ritual are areas I’ve not covered too much yet but are vitally important – nice one

  3. Faris Says:

    WHAT? A week off study leave? Another week off to come?

    Tell me your just messing with me.

  4. Doug Says:

    hi mate -yep, you read that correctly! BUT… it’s not genuine study leave, our holiday period runs out end March, and I’ve got a ton left. it just happens to fall together nicely! (although i still ended up doing a load of work stuff last week – hence the missing of the beer night – as is always the way)

    hope all’s going well with yours?

  5. Sacrum Says:

    Open source is for friends and should be sharing. At all of times. I think you are man of warmness and wish all of best. I hel when requested.

  6. Alex Jena Says:

    I doubt its relevant at all but have you mentioned anything about the Protestant work ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism?

  7. Jason Lonsdale Says:

    hey mate,

    just stumbled across a white paper on brands & cults over at http://www.plan-b.biz/Some_white_papers.html

    definitely worth a read.

  8. Doug Says:

    JL – you’re a legend. thanks mate

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