Excitement is…

…. waiting for these two books to turn up.

Viva global shopping!!

And whilst I’m on a ridiculously off-topic, self-indulgent, geeky superhero tip, I’d like to ever-so-respectfully suggest that you check out ‘Heroes‘, Mondays 10pm on Sci-Fi (though soon to show on BBC2, and already running on NBC in the States).

Seek it out. It’s awesome.

(Disclaimer: I am a bit of a geek).


6 Responses to “Excitement is…”

  1. Oakie Says:

    What is your fav character? Mine is Gambit.

  2. Doug Says:

    good shout. got to love the silver surfer though

  3. Rozza Says:

    Nowt wrong with a little geek-ery these days – “the geeks shall inherit Earth 2.0” and all that. Anyway it’s a welcome change from all that high-falutin’ advertising psychobabble anyway. And a nice new logo too – good to see the dissertaion is getting your full attention. Best of luck with it, fella

  4. Marcus Brown Says:

    Spider man. Hands down.

  5. greencan Says:


  6. Doug Says:

    hey greencan,

    yeah i heard – it’s been all over the press today here!!

    what do you reckon – brought back to life in a year or two via some amazing regeneration technique?!

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