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I, as I suspect many in adland do, have a real love/hate relationship with pitching.

On the one hand, there’s the fantastic sense of camaraderie amongst the pitch team when you’re in full flow, the enormous adrenaline rush when you’re actually in the pitch and of course, the satisfaction of having the time and focus to be part of what is – win or lose – usually an exceedingly insightful and intellectually satisfying piece of work (simply because it has to be). And of course, let’s not forget that some of the most hilarious agency anecdotes are sprung from pitch scenarios.

The less attractive symptoms of pitch fever, however, may include (though are not limited to): ridiculously late nights in an eerily quiet office (which develop from poring over the brief in the gestation phase to fighting over powerpoint the night before the gig), shredded nerves leading to some quiet catty and terse comments (I often think an agency bod’s personality is at it’s truest during a pitch – “in pitching veritas” and all that) and of course, taking utterly non-constructive abuse from senior management who have waltzed in late-doors to the project and suddenly want to overhaul everything (although – of course – I must confess this has not been my experience at my current residence).

Fresh off the back of a major pitch last Tuesday (which went very well, thank you very much for asking) I received a second brief of equally high magnitude yesterday. This was a bit weird. I had spent Wednesday and Thursday feeling slightly lackadaisical and deflated after the pitch pressure had been released, yet at the same time actually enjoying my temporary malaise because of the shorter hours and lack of stress that it heralded. I had expected this feeling to stretch well into next week, eventually petering out with the gradual realisation that I’ve got a dissertation to write. The new pitch brief has put and end to all this, and while I was supposed to be crafting my essay yesterday, I instead spent the day poring over the pitch questions. And so it starts again.

I’m sure it’s probably a hitherto unrecognised masochistic streak coming to the fore, but I’m actually quite pleased.

The new pitch will be my first in my new role as “strategy director” so it’ll be fascinating to see how my pitch input will differ. Suffice to say I’m bound to need all that help that I can get, and that given the whole industry has read it, I’ll be picking up a copy of this to see what the fuss was all about.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?


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  1. Oakie Says:

    Best of luck 🙂 Keep blogging

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