IPA – Merrill Lynch Seminar

Just a quick note to let you know that on Monday 22nd January (11.30 – 14.00) the IPA and Merrill Lynch are hosting a seminar to discuss the recent IPA report: ‘The Future of Advertising & Agencies – a 10 Year Perspective’.

It’s a free event (for IPA agency staffers, I presume) and is probably worth a couple of hours of your time.

It’s first come, first served and you need to email jossy at ipa dot co dot uk for an invite (who’ll also give you address etc. – it’s at ML’s offices).

If you’re going, pop over and say hi!


2 Responses to “IPA – Merrill Lynch Seminar”

  1. Orangepeel Says:

    Hi. I assume this is presenting/debating the content of their report of the same name (since it has the same name) which I’m reading at the mo. Best thing about it is that they have opted for several different scenarios in recognition of the flex their needs to be in anyones model right now.Intriguing subject nonetheless and one which I am going to post about once I’ve read it.

  2. Doug Says:

    Hi there… yes, indeed it is. I’ve not read it yet (and doubt I will before the 22nd) but as you say, intriguing subject and I reckon worth a visit.

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