Chelsea Tractors in Disguise

Now I know I said I’m going to post more ‘original thought’ in 2007, but that ain’t going to stop me celebrating a great ad when I see one – and I reckon Nissan’s recent (looks like it’s been around for a couple of months) brand spot fits comfortably into that category.

Not sure whether it’s because I’m a child of the 80s, but whenever I see a vehicle morphing into a robot-type creature, it brings a smile to my face. (Michael Bay, please don’t let me down).

It’s the kind of ad that gets people talking, and critically, gets shed-loads of free viewing on the web. It’s definitely an autobot.

Shamelessly stolen from the ace Mediawasp


6 Responses to “Chelsea Tractors in Disguise”

  1. Jason Lonsdale Says:

    Lovely execution, but I am somewhat concerned that transforming robotic cars are becoming the new automotive category generic, what with this and the Citroen campaign (which ripped off CP&B’s MINI robot hoax from a few years back…)

  2. Doug Says:

    hmmm, interesting point. i suppose it’s the old robot = shortcut for advanced technology thought. i wonder how this spot would have worked if the car transformed into actual animals, as opposed to robot versions?

  3. mediawasp Says:

    I don’t know much about cars, but I’d be interested to find out if the Nissan 4x4s are really as good as this ad makes them out to be?

  4. Doug Says:

    funny you say that MW. at the risk of using a one-off event to cast aspersions on the engineering nous of an entire company… my mum and dad have got a nissan x-trail, and within 6 weeks of them buying it the clutch went when driving through a mud/snow covered track. hardly symptomatic of a vehicle capable of covering any terrain with the dexterity of evolutionary wonders…

  5. Faris Says:

    if Bay messes up transformers we should hunt him down.

  6. Doug Says:

    too right mate. we’ll round up a posse and take him down for crimes against quality 80s culture!!!

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