Ah, New Year. The time to make promises to yourself in the vain hope that you’ll be able to refine your life to take you ever closer to perfection. Or something like that.

Anyway, my form on keeping self promises is pretty good at the moment. I promised myself (and my wife) before Christmas that I wouldn’t post anything on my blog – or spend too much time reading other blogs – until January. And I (just about) managed to keep that.

So, in time honoured tradition, I’ve compiled a list of a few things that I’m going to endeavour to stick to during 2007, and I’m going to write them here in the in-all-probability-futile hope that by making them public it might help me stick to them. Failing that, it’ll make for comedic reading come the end of December when I’m thinking about this kind of thing again.

(1) Cliché #1: Lose weight. I’ve always struggled on this front. The last time I lost any significant amount of weight was when I got married in 2003 (about two-and-a-half stone I think). Needless to say, this has all gone back on again, with interest. So my six month target is minus three stone. Pretty hardcore – let’s see what happens.

(2) Watch more football. Since it all went horribly wrong at Elland Road three or four years ago my footy watching has slipped. I only get to a couple of games a season now, when it used to be in double figures. On top of that, I rarely watch Premiership games on TV, and I really need to catch up. I love football, and I need to rekindle the passion. Hopefully should be easier than #1!

(3) Post more original thinking on my blog. PFF is six months old, and I’m reasonably pleased with how it’s gone. I have, however, had some (light-hearted, I hope!) criticism from certain corners about the infrequent level of genuine ‘think pieces’ on the site. My retort to this always been that all academic effort has been channelled into my IPA course, which is a pretty lame excuse really, given the quality of one of my course buddy’s efforts. So, I am going to spend a bit more time thinking about some smart-alec content to provoke a bit of debate.

So there it is. Laid bare for all to see. Not sure how it’ll go, but I’ll give it a bash.

Onwards and upwards!


11 Responses to “Resolutions”

  1. Rozza Says:

    Admirable, GD – well done. I just worry about no. 2 being ever-so-slightly incompatible with no.1! It’s either 4 beers and a meat pie/prawn sandwich at the stadium or 4 beers and 2 packets of crisps in the pub. Perhaps epic Wii sessions will burn off those extra calories.
    Anyway – best of luck!

  2. Doug Says:

    good point RL – it will have to be football viewing with a bottle of water! and it goes without saying, I bought the wii purely for health reasons!

  3. Gagey Says:

    Some good resolutions!

    Maybe you should play football to combine 1 and 2?!

    Seriously though, lets make 2007 an amazing one!

  4. Doug Says:

    that’s the most sensible suggestion I’ve heard Gagey – I think Leeds could do with a new centre-forward 😉

    Big up ’07!

  5. Northern Planner Says:

    My God, don’t watch Leeds, it’s too depressing. Saw them win yesterday, not even the first win in 8 could brighten the gloom.

  6. Oakie Says:

    Good start. It seems you got many supports. Keep going!

  7. mediawasp Says:

    Good luck!

  8. Doug Says:

    Thanks all for the support. I’ll keep everyone posted on 1&2 (NP – I’m prepared for the worst with Leeds though!) and you’ll be able to judge #3 for yourselves – please be kind!

    Happy ’07!

  9. FishNChimps Says:

    Lose weight?!?! When I last saw you, you were the last person I’d have expected to complain about the pounds.
    Unless your new employer has been laying on the free lunches…

  10. Doug Says:

    FNC – either you’re being incredibly ironic or you’re thinking of the wrong person!!

  11. Faris Says:

    best of luck buddy!

    Happy happy new new!

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