Let it Snow

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year from all at Planning for Fun (erm, me).



6 Responses to “Let it Snow”

  1. faris Says:

    Awesome – merry jingle bells mate!

  2. greencan Says:

    A Very Merry to you and yours

  3. Doug Says:

    thanks guys!

  4. Vando Says:

    Wow, I have never seen that film before Doug. It’s not often something can keep my attention for 10 minutes these days. That first song is amazing!

    Have a good Xmas mate

  5. Doug Says:

    hey vando – that’s a british christmas classic from about 20 years ago called ‘The Snowman’, the whole thing is about half an hour. I absolutely love it – it’s one of the rare things you can truly call ‘magical’. The song, ‘walking in the air’ was sung by a welsh choir boy and was a #1 hit in the charts during the 80s. glad you enjoyed it!

    merry christmas!

  6. Stan Lee Says:

    We had our first white Christmas in Australia. Weird huh?

    The week leading up to Christmas we had terrible bushfires and a Melbourne December record of 42 degrees.

    On Christmas day it snowed in the outskirts of town and up in the neighbouring hills.

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