Wow – I’ve been tagged by Vando over at the Jason Recliner. Cheers fella.

This is a nice little meme/viral thing that’s been doing the rounds among the planning blogosphere recently. When tagged you are invited to disclose five hitherto unknown facts about yourself to the world, and then select five further people to pass it on to for them to continue the spread.

So, after a very brief think:

1) My two favourite TV shows at the moment are Torchwood and Robin Hood.
2) I’m a natural worrier
3) I am reading loads of philosophy at the moment (in a futile search for intellect!)
4) I won a cartoon drawing competition in The Beezer when I was ten, with a slightly subversive take on Baby Crockett
5) I had speech therapy until I was about eight to help with my stammer (which still surfaces, albeit very rarely)

The lucky five who I’m going to tag are (in no particular order):

1) Faris – Genius strategist and all round good egg
2) FishNChimps – The master of the chimps
3) MediaWasp – Buzzing around the London media scene
4) Famous Rob – Planning legend in waiting
5) Oakie – Bangkok’s most prolific ad blogger

Fancy continuing this chaps?


6 Responses to “Tagging”

  1. FishNChimps Says:

    hmmm this is going to cause me muchee thinky

  2. Vando Says:

    Nice work Doug. I like the selection of Robin Hood, tho if I had to choose a man in tights to be first on the football team, Batman would get the nod from me.

  3. Doug Says:

    but only Batman Begins batman. he wears it well 🙂

  4. Oakie Says:

    Thanks Doug for tagging me. I got a cold so i will create my viral tagging tomorrow.

  5. mediawasp Says:

    Nooooo memes are killing teh internets.

    But ok, since you insist.

    1. Has an addiction to the Thai food served in the Churchill Arms (Notting Hill).
    2. Appreciates fine cask conditioned ales.
    3. Wakes up at 4.30am.
    4. Wears a poppy at the appropriate time of year.
    5. Has a theory that Stonehenge originally had a conical wooden roof, and was painted all white.

  6. Faris Says:

    I’ll give it a go mate 😉

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